Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WIP Wednesday - Some random bits and bobs.

It's been a couple of weeks since my last WIPWednesday post (and any post for that matter). I've been busy working on my Wall of Martyrs and all my Tau Empire in that time, but today I just couldn't face doing any more on them. I was looking at the shelves of miniatures in the Warrior Lodge trying to decide what to work on, and ended up grabbing a completely random handful of bare plastic and resin. Here's what I got done...

From left to right, I finally got the Dark Angel Captain ready for painting that my mate had given me in January for my Birthday.
The big boy in the back is a Necron Canoptek Spider that was still in the shrink wrap!
The Forge World Event Only Death Korp of Kreig Quartermaster had been laying on the shelves ever since picking him up at the Open Day in April.
Anrakyr the Traveller was donated from the same friend as above. It's Finecast, and definitely is a great (if that's the appropriate word) example of how shit it can be. He'd got a better cast replacement for his Cron force and this dude was going spare, thanks mate!
On the back row is an Ork Deffcopter from the old Assault on Black Reach box game. Does anyone know what size flying bases these things should go on please?
Finally it's Radagast the Brown, from the limited edition Hobbit Escape from Goblin Town box. Now don't worry I haven't gone mental and got into this shit, I just really like the model (he's holding a hedgehog!) and my good friend and Twitter Warmonger @nationoflee (please go and follow him now!) was selling him so I jumped at the opportunity. Can't wait to get him painted up!

So that's what I've done with my day, let me know how your hobby progress is going if you like!