Monday, 31 March 2014

Forgeworld Open Day 2014

Another year and another insanely early morning, not helped by the clocks going forward, how rude!

So we set off at about 6, stopped for a McD breakfast and got to Lenton for about half 9. We were about a 1/3 of the way to the front in the queue which wasn't too bad. We ended up chatting to the chap who won the painting competition. Check out his amazing Apothecary on the FW blog.

After queuing outside for ages, we got let in, given a free Imperial Armour 5 poster and a Mechanicum pin badge, then proceeded to join the sales queue. It moved quite quickly and we were through within an hour. I managed to restrain myself, picking up the Horus Heresy book 3, a relic Contemptor and a set of legion MkIII marines.

Then it was onto the design studio. It was very much the Heresy show, with very little new stuff on show for Fantasy or 40k.

I'll dump all the photos here, then at the end I'll try to remember all the cool intel I got from chatting to all the designers and writers...

Thanatar- Cass Seige-Automata 

Salamanders Firedrake WIP

There was so much amazing new stuff, and even more to come at the Heresy Weekender. Here's what I can remember of what was said on the day...

  • Back at GD2013 Daren Parwood said he'd made another Riptide variant but it's been shelved for now.

  • Blake Spence has started to design two Riptide variants though. One is carrying a huge two handed gun. The other one, more likely for release, is a close combat one with a big shield and extra thrusters and intakes for lots of jump shoot jump shenanigans.

  • Daren did say he'd made a cockpit upgrade kit for the GW knight but really doesn't know if it'll make it into production.

  • Talima Fox says that Imperial Armour 4 2nd edition is already on the boat back from the printers.

  • Andy Hoarre is currently working on IA13, warmachines of Chaos.

  • Egdar has finished Mortarian, and Tony might've let slip that another Primarch might be finished too.

  • The Land Raider chassis has been reworked so that the awful track pieces have been moulded onto the sides of the hull, like the sicaran!

  • Alan Bligh says that the order of the next three HH books is still undecided, but we should have one by the end of the year.

That just about wraps it up. It was another awesome day from the FW team, and always worth the cost if you can make it.