Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Warllama hobby vlog episode 1

So this is my first video in hopefully an ongoing series about the hobby. In episode one I take a quick look at my painting area and the mess I create! Let me know what you think please folks!


  1. A good first video, mate. You should do more.

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed the little look into your hobby time. Ace the way over a video so much information is got over in so short time. Plus seeing the figure in advance gave more connection to your Tau commander during the battle report. :)

    I shall try and get up some photos of my workspace over on my blog soon, it's be fun to see the Nerdcaves of other #warmongers.

  3. Great stuff - really like the idea of doing it by video as well. As Drake said it's informative to see how other people set up their painting operations.