Friday, 30 January 2015

The State of my Armies - Deathwing Edition

When the Dark Angels got their 6th edition codex, and an appearance in the starter box, I went a bit crazy and got a few boxes of the new releases. I ended up with a tactical squad, the start of a Ravenwing force, and also a Deathwing force. I painted a couple of models, but soon lost interest.

When I was looking at my collection as I moved house I realised why my attention had drifted, it wasn't the whole Chapter I loved, it was just those cream terminators! They held such nostalgia for me. So a few ebay auctions later and this is what I'm left with...

There's still a bucket load of work to be done on them, and I'm not going to really focus on them, but I do intend to slowly chip away at them, and maybe in a few months time I'll do another post to see how much progress I've made.


  1. Dude come to the studio and we'll play, hoping to get a nice big Apocalypse/regular 40k game for around March if you're interested=D

    1. I'm on holiday at the start of March so this time it might actually happen! If the game is happening on the 8th I'm definitely there man!