Tuesday, 10 April 2012

YouTube Tuesday - Ichiban Painting.

I stumbled upon this dude on Twitter a while ago. You can find him at twitter.com/ichibanpainting but since this post is about videos and not tweets you can find his youtube channel at youtube.com/user/ichibanpainting and I definitely recommend it.

Basically he lives in Japan and does some awesome painting for clients. A lot of his work can be found on his blog ichibanpainting.com and it really is spectacular. Recently (about a month ago I think) he started posting up videos on youtube. These started off as showcases for some of the work he'd completed and recently he's started to make tutorials about various techniques like digital camo painting and how to paint power weapons.

This is one of my favourite videos so far, how to paint Ultramarines! Please do take the time to check out his other ones too.

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