Tuesday, 3 April 2012

YouTube Tuesday: GW Adverts.

For this weeks trawl through the tube I thought it would be fun to have a look at some of the adverts (or commercials for any non-brits!) that GW has made over the years. Most of them seem to revolve around getting kids hooked on the games and more often than not the efforts are hilarious, but then again they are quite dated!

This one was for the GW/Milton Bradley collaboration Space Crusade. I love how they went to so much effort to make the costumes and really try to capture the atmospher of the game.

These two are American ads for individual stores trying to get more foot flow. I'm not sure how many of the kids are genuine gamers or just stooges! Either way A+ for effort.

Finally we come onto one of Games Workshop's own efforts at marketing itself. We get a very 'Cyptek' message with a date of release and a picture of the galaxy. Not particularly enticing as an advert as I'm not sure anyone outside of the hobby would see it, get excited, and immediately try to find their nearest store.

So what does everyone think about how GW markets itself? Is it right to hide away, not promoting through adverts or interviews? Or should they be doing more to tell people about the hobby and keep us updated with new developments? I personally think they should be taking a leaf out of Black Library's book (wow 2 puns in one post, I'm on a roll!) and putting out as much information as they can. Even Forge World and Fantasy Flight have content about what they're up to on their sites and at open days.

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