Wednesday, 20 June 2012

6th Edition is finally here, now with White Dwarf photos!

So after a huge wait and much speculation about what's actually going to be released we finally have visual confirmation from an early White Dwarf about all the goodies coming out in the next few weeks.

Obviously the biggie is the rulebook and it looks like there's two editions, the collectors and the gamers. Both look amazing and it's going to be a tough call which one to get!

Along with these very nicely produced, but limited edition, sets they're releasing the new dice and accessories separately too. There's the Munitorum dice, templates, battlefield objectives, a tape measure shaped like a servo skull and also some vehicle markers. All of which looks extremely cool however I think the tape is going to be too bulky to be practical.

Then there's been some snippets of the new rules. Most of the focus has been on the revising of the psyker rules and they're releasing a pack of psychic power cards like the magic packs for fantasy. Then there's a table that appears to say which powers each race can use. This indicates that there's going to be a massive faq released very soon too.

I seriously cannot wait for my White Dwarf to arrive later in the week to digest all this intel properly.

On an equally exciting note the final Necron special characters are being released this month too. We have Orikan the Diviner and Anrakyr the Traveller. Both sculpts look amazing and round out the army perfectly.

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