Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Forgeworld Event Exclusive Horus Heresy Miniatures Unboxings.

I was lucky enough to attend the Warhammer World Grand Re-opening back in May, and amongst a few other things, managed to grab both of the Horus Heresy event only Consul miniatures.

The first is Narik Dreygur, Praevin Consul of the Iron Warriors. He’s armed with a power fist and a master-crafted bolt pistol, standard stuff so far. Where he gets really interesting is his Cortex Controller and Cortex Designator! The controller means that he can take a bodyguard of either Castellax or Vorax Class Battle-Automata. They then stack a few special rules on top, depending on your legion, making it quite a unit to bring to the table.

The model itself is pretty special, with what looks like chunkier, heavier armour plates, and some cool shoulder pads. For my Ultramarines version, I think I’ll be swapping the bolt pistol out for Volkite and changing one of the shoulder pads for one of the sculpted Ultra ones released a couple of months ago. I’m still undecided whether or not to scrape off the reaper detail from his ‘tabard’ thingy.

The second model is Autilon Skorr,  Consul of the Alpha Legion. He’s a Delegatus Consul type, armed with a bolt pistol and power axe, but you can always mix that up if you like. He’s got a very interesting ruleset, a Centurion that gives you a Rite of War like a Praetor. He has to be your warlord if chosen, so that limits your HQ options a few bit, but at small points games would be a fantastic choice!

His Rite allows you to take two squads of Veterans as troops, and I’ll definitely be getting some Praetorian mark armour marines for his attack force. You can’t take a Lord of War, or have any allied detachments to his army, so in bigger point games I don’t think he will work.

The model on the whole is nicely done, although he is very Alpha. So he’ll be having his head replaced with something a lot more in-keeping, as well as a shoulder pad, and some of the detail on his chest plate taken off.

I have done a video of my unboxing for my youtube channel, and here it is if you’d like to take a look!

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