Monday, 24 September 2012

Games Day 2012 Part One - Forge World

Because there's so much to cover about what I did and saw yesterday I'm going to split it into 3 parts. This post is going to cover the Forge World seminar and what they had on display in the studio area. The second part will be coverage of the Armies on Parade, and finally part 3 will be a report of the day in general. So lets get started!

I was lucky enough to make it into the seminar at 11 and it was filled with amazing information. I'll break it down into the four sections covered. Don't worry there's tons of photos here!

Warhammer Forge -

The Battle for Black Fire Pass has been pushed back until next year now but progress has been made.

It'll cover Empire, orcs and goblins, dwarfs (yay!) and monsters.

They got some command groups ready for each of the races. The dwarf standard is even smoking a pipe!

The Mourngul monster looks amazing.

Imperial Armour -

They will be releasing Volume one 2nd edition soon, around christmas and it will just cover Imperial Guard.

It will collect together every vehicle they have done for them.

IA12 is called the Fall of Orpheus.

As we know it'll contain Necrons, Minataurs and Death Korp of Kreig. It'll mostly focus on Necrons though.

They've got loads of cool models in the works, a Sentry Pylon which is smaller than the existing version.

A Tesseract Ark Tank which is like the back end of a Ghost Ark.

The Night Shroud Bomber is based on the Doom Scythe kit with a bigger main body.

In the story the Necrons actually turn off a Sun!

A new version of the Lightning fighter is finished and ready to zoom!

Horus Heresy -

Legion heavy support squads with Autocannons and heavy bolters are coming.

Death Guard and World Eater specific Contemptor dreadnoughts are coming out very soon.

There are going to be loads of Legion specific weapon sets coming out.

The Mechanicum Thallax in Betrayal is like a dreadnought only it'll be around the size of an Ogryn.

The Sons of Horus are getting Justaerin Terminators.

Abaddon and Loken will be the next big release instead of a Primarch. Abaddon is almost finished but the Loken in the photos is just a mock up and not done yet.

Book 2 will be called Massacre. It will cover the first part of the Isstvan V campaign.

Night lords, Word Bearers, Salamaders, Iron Hands and Mechanicum will be covered.

The other 3 legions present will be in a future book.

Question & Answer session -

Robots are coming but not for every legion.

They will do all known Primarchs and in multiple versions.

The Battle for Mars can't be avoided. The same goes for Calth and Prospero. They'll be more focused on the battles than the BL novels.

When asked about the Mournival the response was that only Abaddon and Loken are planned as they want to even out the number of characters each legion has.

Epic and BFG are something that they'd love to do but they don't have the time.

The Stormbird might be made but they see it as a class of ship rather than an actual named flier.

They'd love to do titan variants but it's a lot of hard work.

Daemon Primarchs will happen along the way.

Malcador could be a possible event only miniature.

They're going to release terrain for each IA book. The necron realm of battle mock-up looks sweet.

Thunder Warriors aren't from the same time period as the Heresy so it's a no go there, however they might do the Emperor one day.

So there you have it, all of my information and photos from a fantastic day. As always please leave me comments and follow the blog to enter the prize draw! See you in part 2!


  1. Awesome stuff. I didn't realise that they held seminars at Games Day! Lucky sod. :) Glad you had a good time, thanks for the pics. What did you feel your personal highlight from the new Forgeworld stuff was? will you be covering purchases in one of your four posts?

    1. Thanks, yeah FW and BL do seminars. White Dwarf used to do them but last years was so poor they didn't do any this time.

      Yeah, I'll be going into my purchases in the final post where I'll go into the day as a whole. Should be up on wednesday.

      I think my favourite things were the book itself, and the necron goodies!