Monday, 25 February 2013

WW#11 - Moving, Meatballs, Music, Magic and a Man-Crush

Monday 28th January - Sunday 24th February 2013

Well, I'm back. It's been a long time, almost a month in fact. It's been quite a hectic few weeks moving into a new place. I'd forgotten how much work goes into it, from making sure you tell all the relevant companies and relatives where you've moved to, many trips to Ikea (I'm glad I went before they found horse in the meatballs, they complete the whole experience), and almost endless unpacking.

I think we've pretty much settled in and are feeling at home, it's almost like I never lived in the last flat. So here's a couple of photos of the new place just in case you're remotely interested.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Monday before we moved we saw a gig. It was the first bit of live music I'd seen in ages and they were every bit as good as I expected, they were the Joy Formidable. I wasn't too familiar with some of their new tracks but did my best not to look too much like an old man in a crowd of young hipsters.

Another thing that happened was Valentines Day. I decided to consult with my Jamie Oliver collection, and came up the an interesting sounding mozzarella and chilli salad to go alongside homemade pasta with parsnips and pancetta. Apart from the bombsite that was the kitchen after I'd finished I think it all went alright! Anna got me Professor Brian Cox's new book which was lush, he's my favourite person on the telly, and it's a great read. I just need to catch up on the TV series on my week off.

At some point, I can't quite remember when I went down to my local board and card game shop for a night of Magic. It was EDH night (or Commander as it's now known) and it was a huge amount of fun. I definitely think I'll be playing this a lot more than Standard. I took a Naya deck which you can find here.

I don't think I mentioned it in my last blog post but I picked up a Dark Talon for my Dark Angels and got it built. No photos yet but I'm hoping to get some paint on it later this week. I also finally got hold of a copy of Space Hulk from ebay. Whilst still very expensive it certainly wasn't as bad as some auctions I've seen and I'm really happy that I've finally got it. Once I've had a few games I'm planning to build my own terminator squad / warband to add the personal touch to it.

I'll call it a night there I think. Sorry for boring you with a whole heap of non-wargaming related news! Normal service will be resumed next week with an update on my War Room, a game I've got scheduled and hopefully some painting. Laters!

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  1. Good to see you back on here man, and good stuff about the new place! Pasta sounds good, I love doing a bit of cooking=]