Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WIPWednesday - Ultramarine Heresy era Skyhunter Jetbikes.

So, those of you following the #warmongers over on twitter might have spotted the recent trend (not a pun) of having a hashtag for each day of the week to post stuff under. It started with #MiniatureMonday which was and is fantastic, however it was used for all different types of hobby progress, from finished models, to WIP shots, and so on. In a stroke of genius a bright spark (not sure who, please let me know and I'll edit) split the week into nice categories.

Today is Wednesday and so it's time to show off a Work In Progress. I think this is my first use of this particular hashtag, which is surprising since almost all my collection is a WIP!

I've been working on my Forge World Jetbikes today. I'd assembled the kits last week but this was my first chance to slap some paint on them. All I've got so far is a first coat of blue, a bit of metal and a brief outline of where the white stripes are going to go.

What I also got done today, and not a WIP, were the bases they'll be mounted on. I ordered quite a few different size bases from a great chap named Roy, and his company Fantascape. These are his 60mm artillery bases, which I drilled a hole into to mount the flying stick. He does loads of different styles, and the really great thing about his products are they come in so many different shapes and sizes, covering very nearly every type of base you'll need for a whole army.

Please have a look at his site/shop and follow him on twitter / facebook. Cheers.

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