Thursday, 27 October 2011

1st company Sternguard drop pod

I'm so glad that I've nearly finished this! At the moment it's pretty much finished. Everything has a basecoat and is glued together.

Speaking of glueing (?) I had totally forgotten how awful these are to put together. I hear a lot of talk about how land speeders are the most painful kit to assemble. I totally disagree having put this together. It was literally a race against time to get it all stuck together and straight so the doors can open and close. It's not quite right because there's gaps around the right side of each hatch but glad that is out of the way.

All that needs to happen now is a Babab black wash and doing the highlighting however that can wait until I've got the 2nd pod to the same level.

I learnt by doing the white upper fins that I really need to water down my white a lot more than I do. They don't look too bad now but it took so many coats it really slowed me down.

One thing that went well with it was the hazard striping. On my last pod I ended up painting the yellow over black after basecoating in grey. This time I used the yellow foundation to paint the whole thing then painted the black over that, worked much better and so much faster.


  1. Looks good mate. Is it just the one more pod to go?

  2. Yeah I'm half way though the final one at the moment. Have been sorting out my assault squad today though

  3. do you get your doors to stay close when they are in the up position

    1. yep, they manage to stay up on their own without any magnetising!