Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Battle Systems: Tabletop Wargame Scenery first look

I discovered this company the other day when they added me on Twitter (here). It looks like a brand new venture and a really cool product. From what I can tell it's the brainchild of a man called Colin however I believe there is a team working on it. Rather than me trying to describe it here's their video to show it off

So as you can see it's a downloadable pdf which you then cut out, mount and assemble to create a futuristic interior gaming table. On their youtube channel (here) and also at their website (here) they have tutorial videos of how to assemble each pod etc.

The sets are very reasonably priced with the foundation set only £10.99 and the mega bundle £15.99. This gives you enough pods and parts to create a 3'x2' board from one printing. There's also some really cool looking bunker sections due to be released next month hopefully that sit around the interior parts to create a full building. Also if you look at the products page of their site (here) it looks like they've got plenty of ideas and expansions still to come.

My initial thoughts were about playing Space Hulk using this scenery. I guess that would depend on how big the floor squares are and how easily positionable the walls are to create tight corridors. Also this seems like a fantastic alternative (and cheaper!) to Forge World's Zone Mortalis set they released last month. If you haven't seen it here's the video

The advantage that you get with the Battle Systems product (as well as saving around 80 quid) is that the walls can be repositioned in endless ways meaning that you're not stuck with the same layout over and over. Rules for playing Zone Mortalis can be found here. On a related note this might be cool for playing boarding missions on from the Badab Wars books also from Forge World.

The next thing my mind jumped to was a small mission in the back of GW's Battle Mission supplement called Kill Team. It's essentially 200 point armies fighting it out. The small points limit means you don't have to worry about how tanks or anything will interact with the walls and confined spaces. Leading on from there you could play Operation Killzone which is a personal project to bring to skirmish back to 40k. Full details and downloads of the rules can be found here. Speaking of skirmish, if one day Colin and the gang make some multi-level scenery this would be great for Necromunda! I've been itching to get back into that game and this might be the boost I need.

So, as the title suggests, this is just a first look and impressions. I don't own the kit yet but I plan on doing so very soon and when I do I'll be posting a review proper. I definitely recommend checking them out.


  1. This looks very cool and appeals to the 'jigsaw puzzle' part of my geekiness. Good prices as you say (even when you factor printing/material cost) and endlessly modular, the only concern is the time/labour intensive side but we're used to that in this hobby!

  2. Tremendous! This is an absolutely amazing find. Thanks for the links.

    Also, thank you for the nod to Special Operations: Killzone. Much obliged!