Monday, 2 February 2015

The State of my Armies - Necron Edition

Following on from last weeks post, here's a quick look at how my Necron army is shaping up. To be fair it's probably my most complete army, with only a few units unbuilt, and a handful of models needing to be finished.

The trouble I have with actually getting this army finished is all of the edge highlighting! I went for the classic bright green look, and so it takes forever to painstakingly go around every single edge. By the time I've done an hour or so I'm bored and tired of concentrating too much and just want to cry.

So this year I'll chip away at the army, the list of what I've got to finish is...
5 Lychguard
5 Flayed Ones
Command Barge
Ghost Ark (almost there)
A few special characters
Capontek Wraiths
Canoptek Spyders
Canoptek Acanthrites
Night Shroud Bomber (needs washing in dettol, the primer hasn't stuck!)

Actually, now I've listed it that's quite a list, I'd better get cracking!

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