Monday, 23 January 2012

My week of hobby 15/01/12-21/01/12

 This week has mostly been about finishing off my Dwarf army for the game I had on Sunday and getting all the Dreadfleet boats put together and primed so at least it's playable.

I really enjoy scraping mouldlines and assembling models but sometimes, like the masts on the ships, things end up giving me unbelievable tourettes!

I only snapped one sail but the whole experience was so stressful I'm glad that it's over.

I'm hoping to get my first game in this week with my kind-of willing girlfriend, should be great fun.

To get my Dwarfs ready for the table I had to finish off the Thunderers and do some work on the unit of slayers.

I'm really pleased with how the bases look with the gunners but I'm not too sure how much use they'll be in game.

For the slayers I only managed to get the bases done (I really like painting bases!) but I'm a bit fed up with painting the stunty guys so I'll be giving them a rest until they eventually get a new hardback army book.

For #miniaturemonday this week I hadn't really finished anything again so I cracked out the Heroquest box and set up a bit of a scene using the heroes I'd painted when I was seriously young. After sorting out the shot with some effects it actually looked quite atmospheric, capturing the mood of the dungeon!

I managed to start my Grey Knights as well, choosing to paint the halberd wielding basic strike knight first. I'm painting him in bits before glueing together and think I've figured out the method. Basecoat of Boltgun Metal, wash with Badab Black, drybrush with Chainmail, wash with Asurmen Blue, then a final highlight of Mithril Silver. No idea how it's going to turn out like but I'll be showing off the end result in next weeks update.

Mr Popular!
To close out I wanted to talk about some of the stats Blogger shows me since I've just crossed the 1500 views milestone (thanks everyone!). There are some really surprisingly popular posts that I don't really get.

It seems that White Dwarf reviews are the most popular articles ever with 3 of them appearing in the top 10 posts.
What's extra surprising is that a quick photo of my Tau gun drone that I painted in a Tron paint scheme is the 3rd most viewed thing on the blog, it really makes me want to paint more but I'm holding off until the new codex comes out in a few months.
The next surprising thing is that my book review of Battle for the Abyss is in 4th place. Now I love Ultramarines and thought the book was good but I just don't get why it's so popular (unless there's something else with the same name but people end up at my humble blog).

So it's been a quiet week but next/this week is shaping up to be very exciting! I'd love to hear your feedback about what you've enjoyed/disliked about my blog so far. Thanks and bye for now.


  1. Looks like you're keeping pretty busy there mate. The Heroquest scene takes me back 18 years or so, awesome stuff. Can't wait to see your Grey Knights, I had a pretty bloody and destructive game against a friends Knights on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. How did your Dwarves do on Sunday?

  2. My Dwarfs lost to the Tomb Kings but it was quite a close one I think.

    Yeah I've got my heroquest box at the flat now, it's so nostalgic seeing my old painting!