Sunday, 18 September 2011

Battle for the Abyss

Just finished this instalment of the Horus Heresy series. Have to say it was a big improvement on the previous book, Legion.

The plot was a part of 40k history I was somehow unaware of, even though it was mostly concerning Ultramarines. This made it a really gripping read.

Basically a few Ultras, Wolves, a Thousand Son and a World Eater learn of the Word Bearers treachery and set off in pursuit of their new massive ship to try and stop it before it blows up Macragge.

There are a few bits of astartes v astartes action which are awesome, but no outright war, which makes a nice change. The main guy on the Word Bearers side seemed a bit hammy and I couldn't stop thinking that their big red ship had Red Dwarf written down the side of it.

There seems to be a trend with HH books of finishing a bit abruptly, this one could've done with a final chapter actually on Macragge with Cestus receiving honours or something like that.

Overall this gets 7/10.

Mechanicum up next.

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