Thursday, 16 August 2012


Last week I had some annual leave but nothing much to do as my girlfriend was going to be in work so I thought I'd set myself a project! This video explains what was happening...

On the surface this seemed like a totally manageable task but that wasn't taking into account my amazing ability to get sidetracked, procrastinate and generally dither around! By midweek some progress had been made but not a lot. Here's the update video...

So the week came to an end and all I'd finished were the scarabs, immortals and got a lot of things prepped and undercoated, mission failed! Fortunately this week I've had more time to work on the army and the second squad of immortals are almost finished and the Ghost Ark is coming together nicely. I'll be putting up some decent quality photos once I clear the space I normally take my shots but here's a few phone snaps to keep you going!

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