Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly Warllama 1

This was an idea I trialed at the beginning of the year to improve on the regularity of my blogging. It worked for a while but then I decided I didn't want one post to contain lots of independent things so I stopped. Needless to say the post output this year has been shocking, highly inconsistent and of dubious quality! This has to stop!

So I'm reinstating my weekly hobby updates. This should keep me thinking and writing, it should also keep me motivated so that I actually have something to write about, and it should make for an interesting read...

Week 1 - Monday 12th November - Sunday 18th November

It's been a quiet week on the hobby front really. I haven't had much chance to put brush to plastic but I have managed to do a few bits and bobs.

For some reason I had the urge to dig out my Grey Knight codex and start writing some lists. I dropped Draigo and this gave me so much space I was even able to fit in a Chimera and some henchmen. I love the weaponsmith model so just had to shoe horn him in there. Since I'm so bored with painting necrons and my #fwo forces are slow burners I might get around to painting more GKs soon!

On wednesday I popped over to my mates house for a game of 40k. I took a really basic ultra force, plenty of rhinos and tactical squads. I was up against Space Wolves, and he'd squeezed in 3 thunderwolf cav and a land raider. Needless to say I was up against it but held my own and came out losing 2-1 on secondary objectives. I was happy with the way I played and think my tactical prowess is slowly improving.

Saturday was a big day, the Imperial Defence Network / Wall of Martyrs that I'd pre-ordered was ready for pick up from GW Cardiff so I headed over before work. The box is massive and it was torture having to wait till closing time to get home and open it up. The sprues are fantastic and it all looks like it's going to take minimal clean up to get ready. It seems like it'll fill a 4x4 board nicely. The mechanisms to hold the sections together don't seem to do a good job so I'm thinking about magnetising it all which should stop unwanted movement during a hectic battle.

Finally on Friday GW put up some tasty advance orders. The separate bits of the defence line but also a 40k campaign book, the Crusade of Fire. There's not a huge amount of info about it at the moment and only minimal page shots but it seemed like it would be in the same vein as Blood in the Badlands so I snapped it up as it's a 'While stock lasts' kinda deal. It looks like it's penned once again by Andrew Kenrick which increases the link to BitB which is a fantastic read. It might inspire me to get on with my planetary empires tiles!

That's it for my week in wargaming. Next week I'm off work but there won't be any crazy #warllamanecronweek shenanigans this time around as me and my girlfriend have managed to sync our holidays and are going away to visit my parents back in England. I'll be taking my ipad though and am hoping to work on some lore (i hate the word fluff!). Might be able to squeeze in a bit of painting at the end of the week though. Cheers!

Oh and we watched a great series called Defying Gravity over the weekend. There's only 13 episodes as it got cancelled (fucking abc, they cancel everything that's good). If you haven't seen it and like cool space ships I would defo check it out.


  1. I'm so jealous, I want wall of martyrs! Can't find £100 anywhere though ha. I'm really tempted to convert up some model to use as Grey Knight allies, all so I can have an inquisitor... I too want a Jokearo weaponsmith!

    1. Ha, it was an early Xmas and birthday gift from my parents, I don't have that kind of cash spare so close to December!

      I never used to like the inquisition side of gk's, it was all about the power armour for me. But since blanchitsu I've been loving the warbands

    2. Yeah I can imagine a lot of people being inspired by Blanchitsu... my idea is to have a basic Grey Knights squad and use them almost as a sternguard/vanguard squad for my chapter, then have an inquisitor and retinue. Maybe anyway ha. May get a Stormraven too=]