Thursday, 13 December 2012

Warllama Weekly Issue 4

Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th December 2012

Well there's more hobby progress this week than there was last time, although nothing groundbreaking so please don't get your hopes up. We'll kick off with what you've all been waiting for, the Christmas tree!

Onto the 40k now and I've almost finished prepping the Chimera, all that's left are to clean up the FW back door and stick on some etched brass then cover it in purity seals.

I got a couple of other bits primed but the big news is that I actually did some real painting. The Blood Angel  captain from GD2012 finally has some red on him. I thought I was going to hate painting large areas of red but it's been alright so far. Just got the edge highlight of Tau Light Ochre to do and a quick glaze of red.

With the pace of rumours about the Dark Angels codex picking up I thought I'd revisit the Deathwing from DV. I just started working on one as a test as I've never really done any layering before and it's turned out alright I think. Again the final edge highlight is missing and then it's down to the hard part detailing it.

Not much progress I know and it's very late but xmas seems to have that affect on my free time when you work in retail! See you next week...

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