Sunday, 16 December 2012

Warllama Weekly Issue 5

Monday 10th - Sunday 16th December 2012

Let's start off with the big news first, I've actually finished painting a whole miniature! As I think I mentioned in last weeks update I was experimenting with layering rather than just basecoat-wash-edge highlight and I'm quite pleased with the effect. I think I still need to improve with the smoothness of my brushwork but I've got four more Deathwing to improve on.

I've also started working on a couple of regular Dark Angels. Because my Necrons are painted in Caliban Green with a stark edge highlight of Moot Green I needed a different technique to paint this dynamic duo. I basecoated them green, slapped on a heavy dark wash then started drybrushing. First with Warpstone glow and finally Moot green. Then I tried something I haven't done before and put a glaze of Waywatcher Green all over it. This did mute the colours back down and I think I'm happy with it but I might experiment with a heavier drybrush before glazing on the next one. I'm also hoping that this extra layer will prevent the drybrushed paint from wearing off when handled.

Also on the painting front (kind of) I got the FW etched brass and resin rear door for my Chimera so I got it all primed and ready to rock'n'roll at some point in the future. I was gearing up to get back to my Grey Knights when Dark Angel fever has hit. It'll be the first time ever that a new codex has come out and I'll already have some miniatures painted and ready. Some of the rumours of new units like Knights and Fliers sound amazing, I've got my fingers crossed for the 5th Jan!

The final news of the week was that my Warmongers Secret Santa arrived! It was from a chap called Christopher Chestnut, who you will find on Twitter here. It was a huge parcel so I had no idea what would be inside. As I tore the wrapping paper off the first thing I spotted with the pinata, then the book emerged. The Fall of Damnos from the Space Marine Battles series! I'd been wanting to read this for ages being an Ultramarines fanboy. I don't get much time off over Christmas, exactly 35 hours between leaving work on xmas eve and starting back again on Boxing Day, but I'm hoping I can start it soon. With the pinata I didn't have anywhere to hang him so he was rather unceremoniously stood on the floor and beaten senseless until he surrendered his chocolately innards, nom nom! Thanks mate.

Hopefully next week I'll get those DAs finished, and I've got a game scheduled for Wednesday night, it'll be great to roll some dice again. Hope you're all getting on with your xmas shopping and are feeling ready for the festive holidays! Laters.

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