Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fantascape Gothic Ruins resin base painting tutorial.

Those of you following my blog or twitter will no doubt have read me banging on and on about Fantascape's resin bases. I think they are great, they're a good price, and the quality is top notch. Delivery is fast, and Roy is a great guy to chat to on Twitter. Anyways, enough gushing, on with the show.

If you'd like to check out the Gothic Ruins range I'd click here. I settled on these for my Heresy era Ultramarines and they look like what I'd imagine the streets of Macragge or any other planet of Ultramar to look like. In this tutorial, which is in no way ground breaking, I'm using the 40mm options on my Cataphractii. It's a speedy process, in fact I think I spent more time making the tutorial than I actually spent painting all five bases.

So there it is, cool looking bases in a few easy steps. I'm hoping to get a few more tutorials done soon so stay tuned. Cheers for looking and feel free to drop me any feedback!