Saturday, 3 May 2014

Miniature Monday - Termagants!

Hey everyone, so it's been a very long absence from blogging. This wasn't intentional, life just got massively in the way and I've had to move house and deal with a dislocated knee. But I have managed to find the time for some hobby in the middle of all the commotion!

I'd bought a few Termagants to help out a mate with a paint scheme, and had four of them left, so i got to thinking what would be the quickest easiest way to get them painted up. Then inspiration struck, why not try a Sin City style scheme, keep them black and white, and use that new blood splatter paint over the top of it. Here's the finished results...

They were really quick and easy to do, but this is not going to be the start of yet another army, it was just getting something done to feel like I'm making progress on the backlog! Also, I know it's not actually monday, but it's a catchy title, and it couldn't wait because I'll be reviewing WDW in a bit!

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