Monday, 20 October 2014

Back once again...

Well it's time to get my arse in gear and actually do some blogging. Those of you who read my last post about returning to writing will be wondering what happened (maybe). Essentially we actually had quite a nice summer here so most of it was spent out in the sun having fun, but now the nights are growing longer I'm returning to the hobby with fire in my belly and a brush in my hand.

I'm well and truly settled into the new man cave, and I've managed to amass even more miniatures to slap some colour on to. So there's going to be plenty of painting updates flashing up as and when I get projects finished.

So what have I really been up to? I went to Warhammer Fest the other week, and there'll be a write up coming soon. I've splashed out of a small allied contingent of Mechanicum for my heresy army. I decided to totally ditch any attempt to get into Fantasy, I've already parted with my Tomb Kings and the Dwarves are going up on ebay tonight. Trying to find the time for two systems, let alone three, was just getting too cray cray and to be honest the fantasy setting never grabbed me in the same way that the 40k and 30k universes have. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy which is a serious contender for best marvel film ever (sorry avengers). Believe it or not I'm still trudging through Angel Exterminatus, but I'm determined to have that finished before the week is out. I've stopped buying White Dwarf Weekly. Ten quid a month isn't a lot of money, but the format just wasn't working out for me. I'm still on the hunt for vintage issues though to complete my set.

In the pipeline for the blog then I'm going to refresh the look of it, to breath some new life into it, I'll be trying to complete models at a steady pace, and hopefully there'll be a few battle reports coming soon. I also want to get back into my creative writing but now I don't have to commute to work there's less time for that strangely!

Anyways, I've rambled on for long enough now. There'll be a miniature monday coming up in the next few hours, so stay tuned, and thanks for bearing with me!

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