Sunday, 26 February 2012

25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40k

Me looking grumpy in the middle!
Yesterday was the day that GW decided was going to be the 25th anniversary for 40k. To my knowledge it wasn't really, it was just a good day to hold it with it being both a Saturday and the 25th.

Despite me telling myself not to get too excited about the whole thing I ended up setting my alarm early and heading down the Cardiff GW before work. I aimed to get there around 9 so that I'd have a great chance of getting the pin badge and the poster. When I rounded the corner there were already 13 or so people waiting. After what seemed like forever one of the guys came out and gave everyone stickers, fortunately I'd brought my new White Dwarf to stick it too as I didn't want it on my suit for work. Another bit of luck was the lack of Waaaghs and other uber-nerdy rubbish.

The doors opened and everyone pressed in, they hadn't moved any of the tables so there was quite a scrum around the small section where the goodies were. I grabbed the poster tube and avoided the mouse mat, but was seriously torn about grabbing the Crimson Fist model. It went right down the the wire when there was only one left on the shelf and more people coming in I decided to go for it, grabbed it then joined the queue to pay and get my pin.

I didn't spend enough to qualify for a wristband but I'm not too sad about that.

If I hadn't had to head off to work I'd have been very tempted to hang around and talk to some of the other guys. I've never spent a huge amount of time in the store, usually just popping in for the odd impulse purchase as I prefer to play at the indie club in town, but would've liked to chat to some of the more mature people there.

All in all I think GW had a nice range of products for the event, nothing mind blowing but something for everyone.

Now I've just got to resist opening my model and keep an eye on ebay just in case it goes crazy! I didn't buy it with the aim of selling it, I am addicted to limited edition stuff!


  1. Amazing poster, brings back a lot of memories. I remember buying White Dwarf 93 (as a spotty 13 year old) with the Crimson Fists cover art. It wasn't long after that I bought the WH40K rulebook. Incredible to think it's been going this long. I think you're right about the date, I thought it was more like September or October or something, although that might have been the release date for the plastic space marines(?) Clearly I'm old and confused...

  2. That's some good memory you've got there. I only got into the game in 2nd edition and I can't remember the number of my first WD, somewhere around 170 I reckon. The poster is now flanking my Badab Wars poster and the one from Catechism!