Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Lord Inquisitor Movie Trailer

This video was pointed out to me the other day so I checked it out straight away on youtube and was blown away by how good it looks. The level of detail is seriously high, especially considering this is a fan-made production.

The guy (guys?) that made it can be found at www.thelordinquisitor.com or www.facebook.com/The.Lord.Inquisitor and they're eager to stress that it's not made to make money and is totally respectful of Games Workshop's IP. It's taken about 1.5 years of work and it's well worth it.

I hope that more is on the way, either an extended version or something different. I'd much rather watch this 3 minute trailer than the full Ultramarines movie any day.


  1. The poor Ultramarines movie. :( I enjoyed it, although I accept it had issues.

    Inquisitor Lord looks amazing, they also have their own issues to work through (voice actors) but I understand that they are just not at that point yet so no worries.

    BoW's article about it getting licensed just added to my excitement levels!

  2. Haha I've just got the Ultra movie so I'm going to give it a second try.

    Yeah I'm really stoked to see what they can do with it now it's been sanctioned. I heard that the Black Library were going to get involved in the dialogue.