Monday, 13 February 2012

Miniature Monday - Yet more Grey Knights!

Yo yo everyone! Hope y'all not too bored of the drip-feed of painted models yet. Well this week I have a special treat in store, I managed to speed up my painting process and actually got 2 marines finished. So without further ado here's the psilencer dude and his mate falchion man...


  1. These look fantastic, great work. I'm working on some Tau but had a bit of a primer disaster (long story). These have made me want to get going again. Cheers!

  2. Those look tremendous mate, can't wait to see a full squad of them.

  3. @the unrealistic artist - Thanks for the comment, really appreciated. I took a quick look at your blog (will digest properly later, it's late) but looks great. You definitely should keep going!

    @Ian - Cheers dude, I should have the squad finished by the end of Wednesday. We might be able to get a GK v DE battle in soon!