Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Recent releases and rumours

At the moment it feels like a very exciting time to be in the GW hobby. There are so many rumours and new releases happening that if you're anything like me your bank manager will be shaking their head and tutting disapprovingly! Here's my round up of what's been going down...

Actual releases first. Last weekend GW announced that they would finally convert the majority of the metal space marines into finecast. I'm actually really happy about this move. Yes I've had my share of issues with mis-casts however it has felt like ages for a resin Shrike to come out so I can convert him into an Ultramarine to lead one of my assault squads.

Also Forgeworld released their newsletter with even more Astartes lovin. First off are the very nice mark IV assault marines. I saw these at the open day and they immediately caught my eye. They have some lovely details like the plate armour on the torsos and the single exhaust jump packs. Then there's the terminator weapon set which is for use with the Tartaros patterns from earlier this year. There's not enough of each new weapon like the hammers or lightning claws to kit a whole squad out in them, it's just for making characters, quite cool but not really practical for the money. Finally there is the Tigrus pattern bolter set. While the actual bolters don't look overly special except the straight ammo clips. The nice part of this bundle are the bolt pistol holsters which look way nicer than the standard ones in the tactical squad box.

Now the actual releases are out of the way, on to the rumours. Well, it's not really a rumour but something that's gaining momentum on the interwebs is the new Warhammer Forge book The Battle of Black Fire Pass. Not a huge amount of info at the moment except that it's going to have Empire, Dwarfs and Orcs. Promising stuff.

Rumours of what's happening next month are rather more concrete. Flyers for 40k! The guys over at Beasts of War have stated that there's going to be a large release for many races. These include the Space Marine Storm Talon VTOL which looks badass and a must buy for any astartes lover like myself. The Orks get a Blitza-Bomber and the Necrons get the Night Scythe which looks so cool. Follow on rumours that have been spawned by this are that the Tau and Eldar will be getting flyers later in the year, and also that this flying festival is replacing the launch of 6th ed. I'd be happy either way really!

Which leads us neatly into 6th edition. Most people are signalling it'll be with us in July with the new starter box in September. I've got nothing really to chip in about this other than that I'd be happy if the mutterings of chaos being in there come true, but not so fussed on the Dark Angels. Unless of course they're Deathwing!

So there we have it. Probably old news to most of you but there might be bits for those that don't spend all waking hours on forums! Let me know what you're most excited about in the coming months please.

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