Friday, 4 May 2012

Vintage White Dwarf 190. October 1995.

After a fantastic vote on Twitter with only 1 entry (thanks @reddwarf6) here's the review of 190 from way back. I'd been in secondary school for a month when this was released and me and my mates jumped on Necromunda straight away.

It was the last of the old style thin dwarfs and this one actually came with a free Necromunda mini, either from House Orklock or Goliath, really don't see that kind of generosity these days. So lets take it away!

News - They announce the plans for next months 'fat dwarf', Jervis is launching a new worldwide campaign, there's a Chaos Warrior pack for Warhammer Quest, the huge release of Necromunda and the first 2 gangs.

On the fantasy side there's some Dark Elves and for 40k there's Tyranid Warriors and the Callidus Assassin.

Also back when they still supported Epic they released a load of Slaanesh titans and some Tyranid bits. Loads of releases and news about lots of systems and topics.

Gang Warfare! - Rick Priestly introduces us to the world of Necromunda and what a world it is! For anyone that hasn't played it I strongly suggest you download the rulebook, proxy some models and give it a go. It's a serious amount of fun and you won't regret it.

The article takes us through the designing of the range from concept sketches to finished figs, why everyone is in gangs and fighting each other and they actually let us in on what they are planning to release to support the game in the future!

WHQ Dark Secrets - This is a great article about two of the Studios campaigns and how they've expanded their game from the basic 4 warriors in the box. They've even got 2 pages of the old photocopy+stick together Dark Secret cards to add a bit of spice to your dungeon crawling. I'm getting really drawn into the idea of starting WHQ at some point, I think it's the Heroquest fan in me.

Callidus Imperial Assassin - Ian takes us through the background and rules for the newest assassin along with the great 2nd edition wargear cards to cut out and make.

Epic Slaanesh War Machines - While the actual models aren't my cup of tea there's rules galore for all the different variants of titan from the Hell-Strider to the Hell-Scourge and the Hell-Knight, all highly original!

Tyranid Warriors - It's possible that this WD came out before my beloved 2nd ed Tyranid codex (I used to play Genestealer Cult) so here are the rules for the new Warriors. They are 55 points each before weapon upgrades. The old models look a bit silly compared to the new ones, they have massive feet and really odd posture, not they'd care about that kind of thing.

'Eavy Metal - A look at some of the teams work. Stand outs from this month are Neil Hodgson's classic Marneus Calgar and Richard Potter's Wraithguard.

Follow me, men! - Contrary to what the title suggests this has nothing to do with public toilets or secluded areas of heaths, it's all about Imperial Guard Command Squads. It's a preview from Rick about what he's been putting together for the forthcoming codex with a preview of the rules and wargear.

Hail of Doom - Jervis presents a battle report between some Wood Elves and some Orcs and Goblins. The O&G army looks superb painted in old school bright reds and yellows with Goblin Green bases. They go into huge amounts of detail and give loads of insight into what they're up to.

Bit at the Back - No big lists of stores here, just the mail order catalogue for the new releases.

I feel that was no way near enough Necromunda in the launch issue but then again there was plenty in issue 191 but loved the WHQ part and the amount of rules they crammed in. This was a jolly good read and worthy of an 8/10.

For next week's review let me know what issue you'd like out of these beauties - 200, 224 or 374, cheers.

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  1. I remember getting a precious extra Orlock ganger with this one - happy memories!