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Warllama Weekly Issue 6

17th - 30th December 2012

Yes there will be the photos of the leaked White Dwarf Dark Angels a bit later on in this post, I'm sure everyone has seen them by now so they can be left until last. To kick things off I thought I'd update you on how the competition to hit 100 followers is going. I'm up to 59 and am amazed at how many people stop by to have a read of my little slice of cyberspace, thank you all!

Towards the start of the first week I had some free time and got the first two members of the Dark Angel tactical squad. The armour doesn't quite 'pop' as much as I'd have liked but I think I cracked how to paint the chest aquillas and bolters to a decent standard. I'm looking forward to finishing the rest of the squad very soon.

Just before christmas I had a game with my Grey Knights against my friends necrons. We set up my wall of martyrs on a 4x4 and went at it. My game was even more off than usual with plenty of rulebook referencing and a poor showing from my silver astartes. I kind of came to the conclusion that I'm not using the basic strike squad correctly. I have been just throwing them forward as they're armed with the same assault weapons as palladins and terminators, forgetting that there's no invuln or better stats than an average marine. The next time I get them on the table I'll be hanging them back to provide covering fire for my palladins instead. To help with the gaps in the army though I bought a box of five purifiers. I'd already armed my strike squad and termies in a sub-optimal way just to get the maximum variety and painting opportunity, so I've gone for possibly the most beardy loadout I've ever done for these guys.

For Christmas my kind and wonderful girlfriend got me a few GW treats, the Necron and Chaos marine codexes and a bastion. I'd had the codexes in dubious quality before but nothing beats flicking through a real book, the artwork looks so much better and the full colour of the chaos book is lush. I managed to get a fair amount of work done on the bastion and will try to get it finished ready for next weeks weekly.

I'll be following this post up fairly quickly with a 2012 in review post which should be quite interesting to see what I've achieved and setting out what I'd like to achieve in 2013.

Now for some Dark Angels goodness and a bit of commentary to go with it, enjoy...

 This chap looks both amazing and slightly off. The ornamentation on his armour and banner is brilliant but I can't help feeling like his pose could've been a bit more dynamic. He could end up looking a little static next to the highly posed Deathwing.
 This cover looks fantastic and I'm really looking forward to reading this. I've never spent much time reading about DA except for their handful of appearances in the Horus Heresy but those insights into their background really whet my appetite.
 This is the Dark Talon and the Nephaiam (?!) fighter look sweet. Will have to take a serious look at the rules to see which option I want to build first as I'll only be getting one kit (to start with)
 These Black Knights and the command squad that goes with them are really nice. I like that there's finally something other than bolters attached to the bike and the standard bearer's banner seems like it'll be great fun to paint.
Saving the my contoversial until last it's the Land Speeder Vengeance. People seem outraged at this model, in particular the first circular turret and gunner. I personally love it, it looks like a beast! Seems like a lot of people failed to suspend their disbelief when they saw this and started arguing about how impractical it looks, who cares it's a bad ass tooled up skimmer for a science fantasy wargame.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic new year!

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