Sunday, 23 June 2013

Army Lists for 'An Unexpected Foe'

We'd agreed to play another 1500 point game. I was addamant in my mind that was the size of list I'd been working on and revising. Sunday morning rolls around and I start to pack my things ready to go. I check my Moleskine, I check on Evernote, I can't find the fucking list anywhere. I'd apparently only got as far as a 1000 pointer! I quickly threw together another 500 but wasn't too pleased with it. Oh well. So here's what I ended up with.

Commander with 2 bodyguard. Armed with missile pods, a few drones and iridium armour.
An Ethereal.
3 squads of 12 fire warriors.
6 path finders.
A 3 man stealth team.
2 Riptides!
2 XV88s, armed with each option.
A railhead.
Cadre Fireblade.
Sunshark interceptor flyer.
I think that's about it, it was a while ago!

My friend was giving the brand new Eldar a whirl. The codex had come out just the day before but he'd managed to do what I couldn't and plan properly! Here's what he took from the lovely new codex.

An avatar, with a few boosts.
5x Rangers.
3x Jetbikes.
10x Dire Avengers with Exarch upgrade.
6x Howling Banshees with Exarch upgrade.
6x Fire Dragons with Exarch upgrade.
7x Warp Spiders with Exarch upgrade.
4x Dark Reapers with Exarch upgrade.
2x War Walkers with some stuff.
A Wraith Lord!
And finally a bastion with a Quad Gun.

Definitely more of an Aspect Warrior list than the Craftworld style I'd faced before. Fun times ahead!
Next up is the narrative battle report we forged...

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