Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Apocalypse Incoming!

So there rumours and leaked pics of the updated Apoc expansion have been around for a few weeks now, starting with these two -

The Khorne Lord of Battles looks a little strange from that angle, but fro a different side it looked like he's got all kinds of chaosy shit on his back to fill the 'gaps'. The huge necron megalith looks amazing. It's rumoured to be a Tesseract Vault, definitely badass.

Next to arrive were the shots of the new Space Marine leaders. I'm hoping these don't replace the old kit, and can exist side by side.

I think that all of these are going to look great in my marine army. The Lord Executioner looks like he's come straight out of the Space Marine video game, the Master of Relics has got some great details, but I'm not sure on having a skull on both kneecaps! the Master of Rites and the Master of the Marches both look very gothic and 40k, really enjoying these ones.

Finally it's some terrain, and all of these are meant to fit in with the Wall of Martyrs / Imperial Defence Line.

They each look really cool, the size of the gun on the Aquila Strongpoint is huge, the Firestorm Redoubt looks very much like the existing bunker, and the Vengeance Weapons Battery is really cool to have scattered along the defence line.

So that's all I've found so far. It's looking really pricey, and it's a dead cert that those space marine masters are going to be finecast. Cheers!

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