Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Finally completed Warmongers Miniswap

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) someone on twitter, sorry I can't remember who **it's been brought to my attention the gentleman who came up with the idea was none other than Rob or @Peppermint_Cat on Twitter and his blog is found here http://www.themossop.com/ lots of awesome there** suggested that us #warmongers should put our names in a hat (just names, no keys) and we'd each get randomly put into a pairing. We would then need to post each other a miniature for the other person to paint.

I jumped at the chance to paint something different and was paired with a chap called James. You can find him on twitter with @chairmanasheth and on his blog here http://politicaldice.6sided.net/ , I recommend you do. I decided to send a techmarine but due to problems with the warp (well the fucking royal mail) he never made it so Chief Librarian Tigurius was sent and arrived. While all this hassle was going on I received a Wyrd Miniatures Freikorps guy. I'd never paid any attention to Malifaux so was totally unaware of this guy or how to paint him. James advised me to head in a steampunk direction so off I went and here's the result.

If you haven't been on twitter but are interested I would definitely recommend it. There's a great community of gamers there, many from the Shellcase Alliance, just look for the #warmongers tag. Also if you want to see the other #miniswap figures check that hashtag too.

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