Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hobby vlog episode 2

In episode 2 we take a look at my gaming display cabinet. Or as it's more commonly known, the humble ikea billy bookcase.

A couple of apologies to accompany the video- it might be shaky, not Blair witch motion sickness inducing shaky but still noticeable. Also, I seem to say 'erm' and 'um' a lot, I'll work on that for next time!

Finally, just like a ask at the end of the vlog, I'd love to hear how you guys display your miniatures or if you keep them all in storage. Cheers for watching


  1. Most of my stuff is kept in my foam case. I have some things on shelves because they are new additions and don't have a spot for in the case.

  2. Unfortunately my stuff is all in foam trays. I want to get a display cabinet or at least a bookshelf but my pokey flat isn't really a wargaming venue - because my minis are constantly in transit, keeping them in trays is practical but I would still like to have them out like you've done.