Monday, 15 October 2012

Deliverance Lost

This book has taken me about 2 months to finish. I got about a third of the way through and felt like I didn't want to go on. Now this is in no way Gav's fault, it is a problem with the subject matter.

Once again the Horus Heresy series returns to the drop site massacre on Isstvan. Granted, each time we revisit the battle it's from a different perspective and yes it's one of the pivotal moments in the whole thing but for fucks sake lets get this war rolling!

After being at a loss for something to do the other night I ended up picking the raven guard up again to see if I could remember where I'd left them all those weeks ago. I'm really glad I did as I haven't been able to put the book down for the past 3 nights. While its still fresh in my mind I thought I'd share some of my insights and opinions.

  • Corax, whilst a total badass is probably the nicest Primarch I've read about so far.

  • I feel really sorry for the poor Therions, basically human meat shields.

  • I loved the way Alpharius puts that twat Erebus in his place.

  • The Emperor didn't come off as badly as he has done in previous books.

  • When I was reading about the Primarch 'apartments' on Terra I couldn't help thinking of Tracy Island.

Now that's out of the way a brief round-up of all the action. The Raven Guard had just been all but eliminated on Isstvan but managed to make a run for it. They end up on Terra where They meet Dorn, some Custodes, and the Emperor. They then return to Deliverance where they try to rebuild their legion. There's some shenanigans that happen and at the end they wind up smashing some traitors to oblivion.

It's another top novel from Gav, and my advice for anyone feeling as despondent as I did about the opening, please bear with it, it does get to the point where you can't put it down! A solid 8/10.

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