Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jumping on the #ForgeWorldOnly bandwagon!

Building a whole army out of Forge World you say? My ears totally pricked up when I heard that on Twitter a week or so ago. I won't go into details about how it started, you can find that out by searching #ForgeWorldOnly or visiting these blogs here and here.

At the moment I'm planning a single army made exclusively from Forge World kits and you'll be able to track my progress both here and on the blog that Drake set up.

As soon as I had Horus Heresy Book one: Betrayal in my hands I was thinking hard about what and who to collect!
With Angron in the painting queue I initially thought of World Eaters but thought they might be very popular.
Next were the Death Guard, my favourite of the traitors. They'd probably be getting a lot of love in the not so distant future and I wouldn't have to wait too long for some Primarch goodness.

I was literally, well not actually literally, pulling my hair out with indecision.

Then in a moment of clarity, whilst dosed up to my eyeballs on man-flu killing drugs, I realised, ULTRAMARINES! It made sense, yeah they're probably not going to get any genuine FW love in the next year or two but they'd be getting their love from me. I haven't painted much for my 40k smurfs in a long while and feel quite bad about it. I once had dreams of owning a whole company. That dream hasn't gone away, it's still there, only now it's being accompanied by Legion sized dreams!

In line with the rules I won't be able to fall into my usual trap of buying tons of cool shit then never painting it. I'll have to plan out my purchases and finish them before moving onto the next one. So in order to accomplish this crazy mission, a 1750 point all FW army, I'm actually drawing up an army list to work towards before reaching for my wallet. This will be following along shortly in a follow up post, possibly tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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