Thursday, 4 October 2012

Games Day 2012 Part Two - Armies on Parade

In the second instalment of my trip to the Birmingham NEC I thought we'd take a look at some of the Armies that were on Parade. This was a crowded section of the halls and inbetween being jostled and a background of gamer-funk I managed to take a few blurry shots of my favourites...

 Kicking things off here's a cool Space Wolves army. The bunker is the main part and the paint scheme kind of blends the board with the miniatures, I'm not sure if that was the idea!

A cool feature are the tanks and techmarine hidden in the garage underneath.
 This Ork display was huge. The weathering on the very expensive fortress was nice and the Jets flying around the towers were great.

There's even a landing platform with a looted space marine flier perched on top!
 On to what I believe is a Minataurs army. He's gone to town with the bronze and it looked amazing. There's even a Dreadknight in there.
 I didn't pay much attention to the fantasy boards and don't think I saw a single Dwarf one but this Lizardman entry was sweet. It really gives you the impression of them marching to war from an ancient Incan monument, I mean Lustrian.
 Space Wolves again and a lot of time must have gone into this board. Personally I'm not a fan of boards that are built just for display like this but that's just my opinion. The army was well painted and worked well together.
 Dark Angels! This was an incredible board with many bits of citadel terrain merged into one.

The checkerboard flooring inside the building was amazing and the way the bases tie in with where they're standing is great.

The only downside was that the gun on top of the tower was just sprayed black. I'd have just left it off as it detracted from an otherwise great display.
 More Orks now and another tower with a landing pad at the top. Oh and another looted marine flier!

Note the cool little lift on the side of it.
 This Blood angels display had some cool ideas on it. The drop pod smashing through the ruined building was an especially nice touch. The flame from the flamer was nice but a tad bit excessive I feel.
 Tau time! Loved the way the skimmers were zooming down and around the walls and the finish on the little pool of water on the edge was good.

One thing I didn't quite get was the use of imperial architecture when the rest of the terrain was home made.
 Possibly my favourite army on parade. White Necrons with green power.

The Forge World pieces looked amazing in the (metallic) flesh however it would've been great to have seen more work put into the display board, at the very least to add some height to it.
 I liked the scheme so much I took two photos!
 Another Tau entry, man they seemed popular this year.

Some great scratch built scenery here and the rich red really contrasts well with the off-white of the structures.
 A really neat idea for this entry. A visualisation of a Space Hulk / Zone Mortalis / boarding action taking place.

The concept, the miniatures and the walls all look fab. The upper surround isn't quite up to the same standard but a great idea.
 A sweet looking Eldar display with a wall of a warp storm/portal and a grav tank emerging from it. Actually it might be a webway portal?
 Chaos time and a huge amount of money on display. The paint job was nice but the board was quite plain again.
 More scratch built Tau scenery. Not quite as cool as the previous ones but a great effort nonetheless. I especially like the ladder leading up to the landing platform.
So we end on another Tau board. The landing platform in the bottom right is a very unique design!

The paint scheme was cool and definitely has camoflagued the army with the terrain.

So there they are, I didn't get a shot of the winning army on parade, and to add insult to injury it came from my very own Cardiff store! Well I say very own, I make my impulse purchases there but haven't played yet!

See you in part three soon for my personal write up of the whole day.

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  1. Ah man, the Cardiff store's entry was superb, glad I took a pic of it cause it was stunning, worthy winner!