Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warllama Weekly Issue 8

Monday 7th - Sunday 13th January 2013

Another week down and I still haven't had a chance to write a review of this months White Dwarf although I have read through it a couple of times. I can't wait for my order from Total Wargamer to arrive so I can read through the codex. Hopefully I'll get the review done and dusted this Wednesday on my day off.

So last week was back to work after my five day break and was straight into stocktake prep. When you work in a store as massive as the one I'm in its a mammoth undertaking which culminated in working til 9 on Sunday then back in at half 4 Monday to finish it off. Needless to say this ate into my hobby time but I did get some bits and bobs done.

My eBay items came through, including three old Warhammer monthlys, the comic that they used to produce, and a small stack of WDs from around the 200's completing the run from 190-211. I also double checked the wall of martyrs painting guide from two months ago and bought a few of the paints I needed to start on that huge box. Unfortunately the bits I'd gotten primed weren't the bits with the rusted decking so I didn't get to try them all out. We'll come back to what I did do in a little while.

In the news this week were a couple of interesting releases. Forge World / Warhammer Forge unveiled the neat looking Night Goblin command set for the upcoming Battle of Black Fire Pass book which I'm getting very excited about. Night Goblins have always been an army I've liked since seeing some cool paint jobs from Golden Demon way back in the day. However I'm most looking forward to seeing what they've got coming out for the Dwarfs.
The set contains a Night Goblin Warboss on a Great Cave Squig, a Night Goblin Boss carrying a Battle Standard, and finally a Night Goblin Shaman.

The other exciting release is from the Black Library. They're putting out a new limited edition novella at the end of the month called Mephiston: Lord of Death. It's apparently the beginning of a new series of books 'the Lords of the Space Marines'. It sounds like they're going to do a bunch of stories involving all the astartes special characters.
It's written by a chap called David Annandale who I've not heard of before but the plot sounds decent enough.
As with the last LE offering it's actually a limited time, only being up for order for a week. This is a great way of doing things as it avoids many people being disappointed. My only concern is the cost. It's an extra fiver on top of the already pushing it thirty notes of previous novellas, although you do get a few extras thrown in like a chapbook and a postcard.

And so we come to my actual hobby progress for the week. A couple of the barricades from the big Wall of Martyrs set. I'd gotten bored with working on mr Bastion but still wanted to work on some scenery. I wasn't sure how they'd turn out as the casting on the piles of dead Cadians and crates isn't super sharp and doesn't go right down to the base leaving lots of large flat surfaces. I managed to get it looking quite decent with a couple of liberal washes and a hefty drybrushing of 'dirt' to cover over it. These were reasonably quick to paint and I've already got the next bit prepared for priming once I get a new can of chaos black and some nice(r) weather coincides with one of my days off.

The final part of last week was another trip to the house I'll be moving into at the end of the month. Those of you who read last weeks update will have read about my plans for a gaming room. I took some measurements and decided I can just about squeeze a 8'x4' table in there! I'm going to make it out of two 4x4 sections so it's not completely unwieldy, and I've found some relatively cheap supplies. Wickes do the right size wood, I've just got to hope they'll be able to cut it in half for me (to fit it in the car, I can saw shit myself!) and Ikea sell table legs for £2.50 each! Should come to around £46 all together, a bit more if I need a fifth supporting leg in the middle of each table.
The house comes with inbuilt wardrobes in the main bedroom which means that our own wardrobes will be living in my mancave too. While some of them will be taken up with storing coats, Christmas decs and old suits, there should be plenty of space to use as a display cabinet. The shelves are a lot deeper than the Billy bookcases I'm using at the moment so I will be able to fit a lot more onto them, although that's definitely not an excuse to buy more stuff!

That's it for this week, it's been a long post despite nothing much really happening. Hope you've enjoyed reading, thanks as always, and please leave a comment below with any of your thoughts or comments about last weeks escapades.

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