Sunday, 20 January 2013

Warllama Weekly Issue 9

Monday 14th - Sunday 20th January 2013

Let's get the new releases news out of the way first, next month looks like it's just going to be Warriors of Chaos coming out from GW. Fortunately it's not an army that appeals to me so I can get more painted in February without feeling the urge to splash out on the latest plastics.

From Forge World there's four new Zone Mortalis board sections, Epsilon, Eta, Theta and Zeta. It's great to see more variety but they're still 25 quid a pop which puts them out of impulse range. There's also a couple of embellishments for the boards which add a bit of variety to the already detailed walls.

A while ago I won the crashed aquilla lander set from ebay. I had no idea it was still available on the GW website but thankfully I paid less than it costs brand new, phew. Anyways, it showed up this week and has joined the pile of scenery to work on ready for my gaming table

Speaking of scenery I got another couple of end pieces finished from the wall of martyrs and started on the big emplacement sections. I've got a week off next week (yes, another one!) so I'll have a lot more to show next week. With all this scenery on the go I had to pick up a couple more washes. I'm finding that a nuln oil followed by agrax earthshade gets it looking suitably worn and dirty.

The other stuff that I'd ordered a while ago was some Dark Angels from Total Wargamer. They arrived on thursday which was one of my days off so I got cracking straight away on the Deathwing Knights. They're amazing models packed with cool details, from the shoulder pads matching the shields, to the vents on the back of the body being arch shaped. I'll hopefully get them glued together instead of blu-tacked next week. I also got Asmodai and the casting doesn't look too bad but haven't got him out of the blister yet. After adding up everything I've got so far it comes to around 1100 points, not bad for a set of DV and a couple of extras.

The final thing that happened was a bit of a surprise. I spotted a retweet of a new Magic card and couldn't help but comment on it. My friend @kryptonickWG then started chatting about the game and that rekindled my enthusiasm. I haven't played, let alone looked at, my cards in about 2 years so has been great fun getting back up to speed.
The main reason I stopped was that I wasn't enjoying it as much. It was getting too competitive with everyone bringing top end standard decks to every FNM. I myself was part of that with a pretty expensive Jund deck.
This time around I'm going to keep it on my terms, try not to get sucked into spending hundreds on a deck on cards. I've signed up for the midnight pre-release event for Gatecrash at one of my local stores, Firestorm Games. By a stroke of insane coincidence this set contains the Boros guild, my favourite colour combination of red and white, kerching!

Well on that bombshell I'll leave you for another week. Next time round I'll have a round up of how I got on at the pre-release and how much stuff I managed to get painted on my holiday. Cheers as always for reading.

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