Sunday, 6 January 2013

Warllama Weekly Issue 7

31st December - 6th January 2013

This week has been a good week, just in general but not for hobby progress. It started out with a very busy Monday in work then a deathly quiet new years day in store. Fortunately Anna and I had decided to stay in on NYE and watch some more 24 so I wasn't feeling rough. We finished season 5 which was one of the best yet and have just begun season 6 to see what happened with the cliffhanger.

From Wednesday onwards I was on holiday! This has more than made up for only having one day off over christmas and am feeling refreshed and a lot less stressed. I just hope when I return to work tomorrow my stress levels stay low!

I started off with some more work on the bastion. To say it's a basic kit with plenty of block colours it's taking me ages to get it finished. It's almost at the stage where everything is painted and I can douse it in a liberal nuln oil wash. I think the green is going to work well with the grey of my Realm of Battle.

Friday was my birthday and there was some 40k involved. Anna had bought me Sammael, the master of the Ravenwing. The model is amazing, there's so much detail and the finecasting was really good, the only part that's iffy so far is the wobbly sword, win! Later in the evening a group of us got together for a chinese buffet and some bowling, where I was given the Dark Angels Company Master. Again the casting was great and this has greatly bolstered my fledgling force.

Ebay time, and the Chronicles of War Warhammer supplement I'd won before christmas from the Warhammer Trader finally showed up. The students next door had taken it in and failed to let me know. If you don't already follow him on twitter or haven't checked out his ebay store then please do, there's tons of amazing stuff. I won't be building these until we've moved house but can't wait to see how they look next to the dwarf buildings from the Grudge of Drong supplement.

That leads us neatly onto the biggest news of the week, we're moving! The one bed flat we share in the middle of Cardiff is getting too cramped and the lack of a bath is seriously not helping my tenseness. We viewed a couple of houses yesterday and are hopefully going to be renting a 2 bed house in Caerphilly. While this is going to be great for us as a couple it's going to be fantastic for me as a gamer. I'll be a 15 minute walk away from my good friend and fellow gamer Dean and I'll have my very own mancave / gaming room! I'm already planning out in my mind where the permanent 6x4 table will go, where the display cabinets should be and just how many posters I can fit onto the walls, exciting times!


  1. How much space do you have to work with on your gaming area? I'd love to see any plans you come up with, even if they are just rough sketches. Good to hear you are doing well!

    1. Thanks mate. I'm going back for a second viewing tomorrow and to measure up. Will be putting my plans up here in the next weekly update.