Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WW#12 - Mancave, Tau Gun Drones, Razarhawk.

Monday 25th February - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Yep, it was time for another week of annual leave! I was hoping that I'd be able to squeeze in some hobby time, but knew that most of my days would be taken up with finishing touches to the house.

The biggest thing to happen this week was the completion of the war room. Or mancave, I still haven't decided on its final designation.  My initial plans for an 8x4 table fell through when I realised I hadn't taken into account the door being able to open and close. A 6x4 it was then. The next hurdle would be obtaining wood that big. Wickes wouldn't/couldn't home deliver it so I went for three pieces of 4x2 chipboard and a shit load of legs from Ikea. Construction was really easy, and although the end products don't look like much on their own, when covered in my painted Realm of Battle boards I think it looks good.

The other project in my room was to finish unpacking all of my armies into the converted wardrobes. They're a lot deeper than my previous shelving solution so everything has space rather than being piled on top of each other. It's quite dark towards the back of the shelves, but no one is really going to be viewing them so it's all good.

With all of the housework out of the way it was time for some fun. First on the list was downloading Magic Duel of the Planeswalkers on my PS3 (my PSN should be either dijital_llama or dijitalllama if you'd like to add me). This sucked up a lot more time than I'd expected, especially some of the trickier problem solving games. By the time Thursday rolled around I still hadn't picked up a paintbrush, it was time to rectify that!

I got up way too early for a holiday and went into Cardiff with my girlfriend, did some loitering until GW opened up at 10. I would've gone to Firestorm but they don't open until 12 on Thurdays. I picked up a few paints I needed to work on some terrain, I also picked up one of the painting trays, as my old wooden version doesn't fit between the arms of my armchair (and it's used for storage of the growing collection of paints and tools. New equipment in hand I headed off home to work on the Honoured Imperium set, or maybe some more Wall of Martyrs. I couldn't find my large brush anywhere, disaster! Plans scuppered I grabbed the nearly models to hand, 13 Tau Gun Drones and set to work getting this random choice painted up. For such small models they took ages, and I've still only completed the 'shells' with the guns outstanding.

Saturday rolled around and I woke up wondering where my week had disappeared to. After a quick tidy up my mate picked me up and we headed to Cardiff Comic Expo. Our friend Ian was back from Ireland with his girlfriend Dani, they were launching issue #1 of their very own comic Razarhawk! We had a lovely chat catching up on all things geeky, and on life in rural Ireland, even contemplating playing 40k over skype somehow, and picked up a copy of the comic. After an hour or so looking round I also went for a book called 7string, from another (possibly local) artist. After one last visit to Razarhawks stand we returned home where the new reading material was digested and amazed at. If you have a minute please head over to their blog to see just how good it looks, here.

And so we reach the end of the week. More hobby progress made than in the preceding three weeks but still not a lot. However I do feel refreshed, and it's only about a month until my next one! Happy hobbying folks, catch you soon!


  1. Nice post man, the mancave is looking especially good=] We'll have to arrange meeting up in Cardiff and go to Firestorm for a game, should be a laugh.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah it's shaping up nicely, just need to shift the dismantled bed and old mattress that's being stored in therre. That sounds like a plan dude, and I'll investigate trains up to your neck of the woods. Can't remember if I'd asked before but are you interested in heading to forge world open day in a few weeks man?

  2. i heard your progress with the FW's doesnt really progress well... i would like to tell you that having too many of them actually can make you work less on them. having too many can simply demotivate you somehow.