Monday, 18 March 2013

WW#14 - Finished Scenery. Tau Leak. Indecision.

Monday 11th - Sunday 17th March 2013

Finally, a week where some reasonable hobby shit got achieved. I'm still not making as much headway on the backlog as I'd like but I didn't buy anything and actually finished a couple of bits.

My focus on scenery continued with me managing to not only complete the Aegis Defence Line I bought ages ago (sans quad gun though, that would be pushing it!) but also finished off the Honoured Imperium set. Both were a treat to paint and it's been a nice break from all the fine detail of actual models.

Now I think of it I did make a purchase at the very start of the week. I was listing my old bed on gumtree and thought I'd have a nose at what GW stuff people were offloading. I managed to find a bulk lot of White Dwarfs locally, £25 for almost a hundred issues. A few were duplicates but they were fairly tatty anyway so I don't mind. The issue I now have is storing them. I didn't take that kind of rapid expansion into consideration when I was planning the warrior lodge (Yes, that's the name I've settled on this week for the gaming room).

My tickets for Forge World Open day arrived and this sparked off my thoughts of rekindling a plan for a Heresy Army. I'd planned to just do Ultramarines, but got thinking about my friend starting a World Eaters force and how cool it would be if I did a legion from the Istvaan setting so we could use the campaign in Betrayal. I spent a couple of nights care fully planning a 1000 point list. Deathshroud, legion Contemptor etc. Then I finished Brotherhood of the Storm, the limited time BL novella. I'll try and do a review of it this week, it was great. This meant I could start on Know No Fear, which I'd been meaning to read for ages. Well this blew all thoughts of Nurgle out of the way, the blues in blue all the way! Another couple of nights planning a new 1k list and I was happy. Would be pricey but there wouldn't be any pesky postage.

The list was as follows -
Praetor with Thunderhammer and Boarding shield. I also gave him Pride of the Legion giving me Terminators and veterans as troop choices. This meant I wouldn't have to spend so many points on the basics and could pack in the good shit!
A five man Veteran squad with minimal upgrades. I was thinking that I could get some more exotic weapon choices when the list expanded past this mark.
Five Cataphractii Terminators. Again kept very basic.
A relic Contemptor with twin linked Autocannon.
A squad of 3 jetbikes. These are just plain cool.
Finally, a Land Raider Proteus. It's old school and pretty beefy.

A quite a nice all-round list I thought. I was all settled on it until I woke up on Sunday morning and checked the Shellcase, Tau photos had been leaked and they looked. Badass. Blurry, but most definitely badass. Well that was a fucking spanner in the works. They've rekindled a long time plan to use plenty of FW suits and drones, so that's my mind (probably) made up, a few XV-9's and and extra treats. And just in case you haven't seen them a million times already, here's the leaked shots.

The final bit of news was the preview of a new Black Library novella. Not limited edition, but direct only. It's called Shadowsun: The last of Kiru's Line. By a relatively new author, from what I can tell, it's some bit size blue goodness. I'll be reviewing it as soon as it comes through the door along with the new Fire Caste novel.

As always, cheers for reading.

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  1. Hey man, got a bunch of White Dwarfs here from around 200-250 ish I think... you interested at all?

    And I need the Riptide! Saving pennies for that and the codex=]