Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WW#13 - Forge World, Scenery, and an actual game.

Monday 4th - Sunday 10th March 2013

Back to work this week, but the usual horridness of Monday was made better by the knowledge I'd be going home to play my first game with the Dark Angels. We played the kill points mission at 1500. I took Belial, deathwing, deathwing command, deathwing knights, a tactical squad and a dark talon. I was up against a hive tyrant with guard, trygon, some warriors and ravenors, a tyrannofex and lots more mini nids. I didn't record the whole match but here's the highlights. Belial did well deep striking but got taken down by the warriors. My plasma cannon blew himself up. The rift cannon was great but didn't get a chance to use the stasis bomb. The knights are a total beast in combat. We finished at the end of the fourth turn as it was getting late, we ended up drawing.

With that out of the way, what else happened this week? I got tickets for the ForgeWorld open day, I'm really excited to be going again this year to check out the Fall of Orpheus and whatever new Heresy goodies they've been working on.

Still thinking about the recent Blanchitsu articles I went for it and got myself a Cairn Wraith to convert into something Inquisitorial. Although I'm quite tempted to make him a Cryptek. Either way it's a neat little kit with plenty of potential. Whilst we're covering the purchasing of hobby supplies, I don't think I mentioned it last week but I grabbed the Honoured Imperium scenery set. I put it together but didn't get around to slapping any paint on it.

Speaking of painting I tried to carry on with the Tau gun drones and got half way through doing the guns then hit the wall, they're going to go back on the shelf until the new codex comes out. I then proceeded to work on some scenery. I dug out the moonscape craters and managed to finish them in a day. Also got a load of basecoating done on the Wall of Martyrs. So that's finally something finished!

To finish up, I thought I'd include some of the awesome stuff that FW has previewed over the past couple of newsletters. On the Warhammer Forge front they've finally put out the Dwarven Command unit, they look really cool, proper grim and grudge-bearing. The biggie though only got previewed today. The Necron Night Shroud Bomber. It's basically an uber-croissant! I like that it's pilotless, or at least that they're not on show. The finale is the Realm of Battle Tomb Citadel. It's been shown a few times previously in WIP form but we finally get to see the finished thing. It does look mighty impressive, but so is the £90 price tag. That's a whole 15 over their existing RoB section. I'll reserve judgement of it's value for when I see it.

Until next time, happy hobbying!

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