Sunday, 7 April 2013

Forge World Open Day 2013

For the third year running my friend Dean and I headed off to Nottingham at 5:30 this morning with much excitement about the resin treats they'd have in store for us. Sadly our usual accomplaice and guestbook defacer couldn't come this year, what with being off in Ireland.

We arrived at around nine and the queue had already formed. We were around 50th in line and the time flew. As we were let in almost everyone made their way to the sales stand. I'd ummed and ahhed for weeks about my shopping list but in the end made some snap decisions and got a bag full of goodies. Managed to pick up the Fall of Orpheus, a Night Shroud Bomber, three XV9 suits and the Death Korp event only model.

With that out of the way we went straight for the studio area. I'll let the photos do the talking!

Legion Praetor in power and Terminator armour
Praetors from the rear
Reaver Squad (Sons of Horus possibly)
More Reaver Squad
Heresy Era Whirlwind
Minotaurs Contemptor from Fall of Orpheus
And a better shot
Minotaurs special heavy bolter guy
Fellglaive Superheavy
Necron Baby pylon 1
Necron Baby pylon 2
Emperor's Children Palatine Squad
Necron Baby pylon 3
Heresy Landspeeder, from the next book.
Note the weapon options!

Squig lobber!
Dread Maw
So with those out of the way onto the scraps of information I managed to find out...

  • Imperial Armour 3 - the taros campaign is getting a second edition. It's already at the printers and will contain all tau units according to Talima.
  • Simon Egan has only got a couple of hours more work to put into Fulgrim then he's ready for release at the Horus Heresy Weekender.
  • The next Primarch to be done is Ferrus Manus. It's related to him and Fulgrim that he's up before Massacre comes out.
  • Will is working on an unspecified Mechanicum unit at the moment.
  • Massacre (horus heresy book 2) is hopefully going to be ready for this years games day.
  • When I was chatting to Trish about the Warhammer Fantasy stuff, she said that all work on the Battle for Black Fire Pass is halted until further notice.
  • Simon is solely working on Primarchs for the foreseeable future.
  • Once the heresy landspeeder is complete, that chap (sorry I've forgotten his name) is hoping to resume work on a new Tau suit, it's size will be between an XV8 and a XV25.
  • Will Hayes has been working on some Heresy Tartarus pattern terminators. They don't have the aquilla and will have full Betrayal weapon sets released.
Think that's about it really. Now for the random/cool stuff. Thanks for reading folks. Was an epic day and well worth the ticket price. Oh and on non-FW news, High Elves and Lizardmen were missing from the fantasy cabinets. Loads of different 40k armies and units were also absent. The only thing that I can think of that would warrant that would be another campaign, or a universal expansion such as apocalypse!

Standard tourist shot

The Fat Bloke!

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