Monday, 3 February 2014

C.A.B.Ultramarine. Part Four. Assault squad progress.

Since it's miniature monday I thought I'd better throw together a quick post. Inbetween working on my latest Heresy stuff I've found a little bit of time to chip away at my kit-bashed assault squads. There hasn't been huge progress but here's where I'm up to so far with them.

I finally got the polyfiller and cork out and had a go at making some bases. I'm relatively happy with them, and think they'll improve with some paint, and some battlefield debris scattered over them.

The next bit I've worked on is the first member of the squad. I introduce to you Brother Helixus. I'm still working on his background but at the moment he's a relatively new recruit to the chapter. His weaponry is therefore fairly unembellished, however he has earned a few honours whilst on campaign, and has developed a fondness for his jump pack.

I'm hoping that next time in this series I'll have a lot more progress to show. I've almost finished building the Proteus and Cerberus tanks, so can give the 40k a bit more time. Cheers all!


  1. Just a quick comment to say I love the wings on Brother Helixus' jump pack.
    Bases look grand, random question.
    Gold trims and black bolters or yellow trims and red bolters? Or, new style 2nd co. or classic?

    1. Cheers for taking a look mate. Yeah I'm also quite chuffed with those wings, my thinking was that marines that fly around all day might develop a fascination and attachment to that kind of thing!

      I'll be painting them dark blue with gold trims for definite, then I'll mix up the weapons. Some will be black, others red, and there might even be a few hazard stripe chainswords thrown in for good measure! So it'll be new style with some hints to the good old days