Sunday, 9 February 2014

White Dwarf Weekly Issue 2 Review.

Another week and another brand new issue of WD. As expected it continues with the Dwarf release and follows the layout of the previous one quite closely. Let's take a look inside...

We start off with  the new releases as always, and a seriously exciting bit of kit, the new Gyrocopter, which can also build the rad looking Gyrobomber. It's a definite improvement on the previous model, I had it in finecast and it was a pain to build. Goodness knows what the really old metal one would've been like.

After that big box there's then a couple more clam packs for character models. The first is the new Runelord. It's a kit that can make two different models. Both carry hammers, and one carries a tome while the other holds a pair of tongs and a rune. There's no scenic base with them, probably because of the number of options.
The other character is Grimm Burloksson, a Master Engineer. I can't make up my mind whether I love him or hate him. He's got some great details but feels a bit too steampunk and not enough medieval for my liking. I think that's partly down to the garish colour scheme though.

The big news is that the Army Book of the Dwarfs is coming out, was there any doubt? It'll be amazing to finally have a full colour hardback book. There's very little in the way of handy page previews, but that's probably because of the rules coming out in each WDW.

Then there's the usual digital releases, along with a Warhammer Battlefields supplement for iPad called the Underway. It's a series of games set underground, with a few new rules thrown in. Whether it's any different to the ones in the other recent Fantasy supplement only time (and money) will tell.

Jervis Johnson gets replaced this month by none other than the Phil Kelly! He talks a little about his armies, and thought processes when collecting and painting, but it's mostly about Tyranids.

Carved From Stone is a piece by Jeremy Vetock about the history of the Dwarfs. He's clearly a big fan, and I'm glad to note that he was lead writer on the new book.

Paint Splatter covers...Dwarfs, what a surprise! There are tips about the details of the Gyrobomber, and a neat follow on article from last week's glue one. This time it's all about sub assemblies and how to think before assembling kits. Not ground breaking but a good reminder nonetheless.

We're treated to not just only set of rules this week but two. The full rules for Grimm Burloksson and the Gyrobomber. Since I've only played fantasy I'll leave it up to other reviewers to say if they're any good or not. This is followed up by some designers notes. I'm really glad this is becoming a regular feature as it's something that was solely missed for a long time. In the photos there's an interesting unit in the background wielding what look like dragon cannons, maybe they'll be out next week?

As we nearly reach the end we get the quick bits of information. Stuff about the Dwarf artwork, a sweet looking Imperial Fist contemptor from a reader, and the jokey stuff like Ask Grombrindal.

And that's it. There's no Forge World stuff in here which is a shame since they release a newsletter every week too, but I quite enjoy this format. Yeah it's essentialy trying to sell the new releases but it does it with designer notes, rules and painting guides, not just ramming it down our throats. I also really like the hints about next week's issue, from the units in the backgrounds of photos, to the box-outs actally telling us! There's going to be a hobby article about ranking up units during assembly, and paint splatter will cover Flame Guns and Gromil. I think this issue deserves a 7/10 just for continuing the good work from the first.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, cheers.

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