Sunday, 16 February 2014

White Dwarf Weekly Issue 3 Review.

Issue 3 has finally arrived, and it seems that I'm getting adjusted to the new release schedule, popping into GW Cardiff before work on a Saturday. I resisted picking up any of the new releases as I know what's coming in a couple of weeks, although I really should get the Dwarf book at some point soon!

The front cover shows off yet more new Dwarf units, and also boasts a few WD classics like the battle rep and a Hall of fame article. Let's see if they match the old ones...

New Releases - We get another £30 dual kit of Ironbreakers and Irondrakes. They both look suitably awesome, especially the latter which is something totally new just like last week's Gyrobomber. They are armed with Drakeguns and one of them can take a mean sounding Trollhammer Torpedo. I do think that they're slightly overpriced for just 10 models, they'll get really expensive very quickly.

There's also a new box set called the Battleline. It doesn't have much of the new stuff in it. Some Warriors, Thunderers, new Longbeards / Hammerers, two cannons or organ guns and the new Runelord. Seems like good value but I haven't actually done the maths yet. Even better value if it's available from places like Firestorm Games.

Jeremy Vetock - A light-hearted look at not being a sore loser in what is essentially a game of random dice rolls. I think Vetock is my favourite of the 'journalists' they rotate each week. He has a good way with words, and never seems to have a board members hand up his arse.

Horned Rat Rising - It's battle report time, and there's actual words unlike the Warhammer Visions version. It's a classic between the Dwarfs and Skaven, with a unique scenario. There's no points values with the army lists, and no maps, but I enjoyed the style it was written in, it seemed almost like a rep you'd find in someones blog.

The Throng of Zhufbar - Chris Peach, one of the studio painters talks about how they went about designing the scheme for the army used in the battle report. It's interesting to hear the thought that goes into something like this, as it turns out that it's not just an arbitrary choice. The only downside is that there's no actual paint splatter guide.

Hall of Fame - Darren Latham chooses Jes' Ragnar Blackmane. It's an awesome model and a great classic, unlike some other recent choices that weren't classic at all.

Paint Splatter - Oops I spoke too soon, here's a guide to the new Iron units. As always there's nothing ground breaking, but they'll be a handy reference if I ever put down my hobby knife and pick up a brush again! There's a sneaky hint at next week's guide too - Big guns and chainswords, more on that at the end.

Sprues and Glue - I'm loving this series of articles, just like the painting ones it's not for everyone, but it's just good to see genuine help offered to us hobbyists with useful hints and tips.

The Rules - This week we get the rules for Irondrakes and a little bit of commentary from a couple of guys. Just like last week I can't really comment on their effectiveness yet due to my lack of fantasy experience.

Designers Notes - We're getting so many of these articles, almost two sides for each release and they seem to be genuine discussions about the models rather than another way to sell them.

This week in - The random fun stuff at the back. There's a Forge World warrior priest as the model of the week, which got me thinking again how it's a shame there's not more FW in here, hopefully it's something they'll take on board soon.

Well that's the end of this week's 32 pages. It's been another good one packed with what seems like more features than the last one. It's getting better and I think it deserves an 8/10. Now onto the huge news of what's coming in next weeks issue. There's been rumours of GW making Imperial Knights for a while now and the other day photos were leaked of the two models. They look stunning, although as always some of the angles chosen aren't great. They're a modern spin on the old epic knights, and seem to be an add-on to all Imperial forces. I can't wait till next week's mag and then the actual release the week after. so here's the photos and rules, enjoy!

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