Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Warhammer Visions Issue 1 Review.

So you should all know about the format of this new monthly publication from GW. I won't repeat the stats and size and stuff like that, what I'm interested in is the content and if it has any worth. This might take a while as it's quite a thick magazine and has 28 sections listed in the contents, however it could be really short if there's no content! Lets find out...

Latest Releases - There are a huge amount of photos of last month's Tyranid releases, from the Hive Guard to the Harpy. Many of these were actually used in last month's White Dwarf, which makes the section feel a bit cheap, but it's made up for by the inclusion of loads of close-up shots of details. One thing I have to say though is that they seem to just use the studio/eavy metal models. Perhaps if they're going to recap the releases from the previous month they could use one or two shots of the studio model, then use alternate paint schemes for the close-ups and dioramas. Would go a long way to adding interest and fun to the section.
There's also a few pages dedicated to the Hobbit miniatures which I was really surprised to see. I wasn't sure that they'd be able to include them in a magazine called Warhammer, but there you go.

Forge World - Showing us some of the latest Horus Heresy releases such as the Fire Raptor and the Whirlwind Scorpius, there's some cool paint schemes like the Alpha Legion and Night Lords. I hope that this section gets expanded in the future, and hopefully we'll see more display shots like their Istvaan board.

Army of the Month - Since the main focus is 40k, the army is Vampire Counts for fantasy. There's so many cool details in this army, I'm glad that they gave so many pages to show photos of it, but I really missed the interview with the creator. The use of the Garden of Morr on the movement trays was genius.

Parade Ground - A look at some of the Golden Demon entries from Games Day Memphis. This article really suits the format, and really sticks to the brief of beautiful models, painted with skill, photographed in high quality. Way more exciting than the studio models. I was really surprised at just how many of the entries were from FW, it was very nearly all of them!

Ahriman Must Die! - A rather grand title for what should've been a battle report. What we're given are a couple of pages showing us the armies (Chaos Marines v Grey Knights and Eldar) but not actually telling us the army lists. This is followed by series of lovely photos, from which we are meant to discern how the battle was going. I don't get this at all. 40k is now all about 'forging the narrative' and yes a picture can say a thousand words, but in this case I've got no idea what's going on, why the GK have teamed up with the Eldar, what the fuck is going on in terms of what happens when, and then suddenly it's all over and there's a winner. I really think this should be in the weekly WD, and have this section as the gallery, leaving more space for maps in the actual report.

Kit Bash - I rather enjoyed this. How to pimp your Ork ride. Yeah it could've included sprue pictures of where the bits came from, but for what it is, which to me is inspiration and food for thought I can't fault it. Could come in handy when I finally get round to sorting out my Formula Waaagh! team.

Blanchitsu - The Inquisitorial warbands return yet again along with the Nurgle Lord! There's not a lot I can say that I haven't before, except that it was far too short. Maybe he could branch out occasionally into kill teams or something like that?

The Hive Fleet - Another look at Tyranids, this time it's the whole range not just the latest releases.Lots of cool photos, but mostly from the same hive fleet. There are a couple of really interesting shots though. John Beech's hive fleet Titan looks rad in brown and purple.

Paint Splatter - Packed with plenty of interesting alternative colour schemes for Tyranids it's an inspiring but basic article. It follows the standard format that's been in place since the new paint line came out. See my review of WDW 1 for my exact thoughts.

Store Finder - Why?

Parting Shot - A rather random appearance from the High Elves. Looks great but what's it all about!

Well there you have it. They've managed to pack a lot of things into this issue, to varying degrees of success and merit. Some sections suit the format perfectly such as Kit Bash and Blanchitsu, others feel very out of place like the battle reports. Whilst reading it I kept having to remind myself that it's not meant to be White Dwarf, despite sharing some article titles. Once you get out of this mindset and accept it for what it is it's a fun magazine that could go really far. Based on the content alone I'd say it's a 6/10. A slightly above average start, with plenty of space for tweaks and improvements. However, if include the fact that it's ruined my run of monthly WD issues, and costs a fair amount that could drop by a point or two. It's not the total pile of shit the interwebz makes it out to be but it's far from perfect at the moment. I'm going to ride it out and see how it hopefully evolves as they get into their stride, and next month should be packed with Dwarfs!

Please feel free to let me know what you thought of it, cheers.

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  1. if they expand to include player collection's as in kind of like a Flickr hard point, a central place to collect and collate what people have been doing and really inspire people as i feel this is the main intention [although personally i'd need a bit of convincing before making the plunge to buy it myself], also to expand upon Converting, Painting and leaving out battle reports [or include some contextual text to go with it], it has potential to go far but the next step is GW's and if they don't make it [right, as seen by us the collective fans/collectors] they will break it....