Monday, 20 October 2014

Mechanicum Miniature Monday - Thallax Cohort

Last weekend was the very first Warhammer Fest, and Forgeworld had a number of pre-release items on offer. I was very tempted to go for the beautiful Solar Auxilia section, but in a moment of madness I went for a small allied contingent of Mechanicum instead.

These Thallax are the first models I've finished for the fledgling force, and I think it's the fastest I've ever completed something for date of purchase to on the shelf.

They were a treat to build, except the power cables, and didn't need very much clean up at all. All that's left to do is apply some mechanicum transfers, but it seems that FW don't make a sheet, and I'm not prepared to buy the Iron Hands one just yet!

I'll be trying to get more of my army finished asap and probably won't wait for Mondays to roll around to post them, and I'll put up a post about the list I'm thinking about which would be awesome to get some feedback on!

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