Friday, 4 November 2011

1750 point Ultramarine army

I created this list using two primary concepts, what I already own and what I think looks cool! It's not built to be super competitive and is what I think is quite inkeeping with a standard codex army, albeit with a heavy leaning towards the elite slots.

- Sicarius.

- 10 man tactical squad, meltagun, plasma cannon, powersword, plasma pistol, in a drop pod.
- 10 man tactical squad, meltagun, missile launcher, power fist, chainsword, in a drop pod.

- 10 man assault squad, lightning claws.

- Terminator squad, assault cannon, chainfists.
- Dreadnought with lascannon.
- 7 Sternguard, power fist, combi melta, in a drop pod.

- Predator with lascannon sponsons.
- Whirlwind.

Weighs in at 43 infantry, 3 vehicles and 3 dedicated transports. Or 12 killpoints.
My initial thoughts to tactics would be to start with just the assault squad, dread and 2 tanks on the board. Sicarius would catch a ride with the Sternguard and the terminators would deepstrike.

What would your take on this army be? Where do you think it's strengths are? It's weaknesses? Answers on a postcard please!

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