Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My first WHFB miniature, a Dwarf Warrior!

I had the day off yesterday so was really bored with painting blue so got this chap undercoated and started work!

For the most part it was seriously easy (a good thing considering how many I'll have to paint). I was really unsure wheat colour to do the cloth, all I knew is I didn't want to paint more blue!

A few things are still missing, I need to pick up some Dwarf Bronze for some of the metallics and the sleeve needs painting as if it was a lining with runes stitched on it.

Also the base is going to be something special, I've been thinking about purchasing some resin tiled bases so it looks like he's in a cobbled street to fit in with the seaside/port fluff behind my army.

Any comments/criticism/advice you'd like to impart would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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